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Consists of the following programs today:
H100w - Hull definition w/calculations
H600w - Loading calculator
H601w - Container program
H700w - Heeling test report
Screenshots and brochures can be found at Downloads

2004 - Grain calculations and reporting routine

In 2004 we finished GRAIN calculation in a new and excellent way. Now it is very easy to make grain calculations. A new reporting routine has been added.

Free Downloads

Download these brochures and clips for free to get a closer look at our software.
(files are in PDF)
Clip from H100w - Hull definition (download)
Clip from H600w - Loading calculator (download)
Brochure for H600w (download)

HYPET-Series, calculating stability, strength and tonnage

HYPET develops a Windows based program series that calculate the stability, longitudinal strength and tonnage for all kind of vessels.

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