2012 --> New additions

CLAIMS - new additions
Many more possibilities has been added to let user hadled near every needs for claim's specifications, depending of users fantasy!
To add/create tables used for interpolation:
Now user can easy add tables to be used inside claims for interpolation. 
To find wanted interpolated value from table, user must use function GetTabValue(TabID, any_expression1, any_expression2)

2011 - Graphical crane routine, volume section generators

In H600w a new graphical crane routine has been prepared for four different types of cranes. Two new Volume Section (VS) generators in H100w.

2006-2010 - Many new routines and features

You can import ship geometry from 3D-DXF. Improved methods for input and calculation of Max. VCG requirements, towing and wind routines, heeling test report.

2005 - Probabilistic calculation and heeling report

First part of probabilistic calculation included. At the end of 2005 we finished the new heeling test report. H600w gives the perfect ability to check stability and strength issues

2004 - Grain calculations and reporting routine

In 2004 we finished GRAIN calculation in a new and excellent way. Now it is very easy to make grain calculations. A new reporting routine has been added.

2003 - Heeling of vessel with printed reports

Initial heeling of the vessel in a defined loading condition will always include calculation for SB and PS. All KY-calculation and Max. VCG-calculation will check results for both sides.

2002 - Volume section generator ready to use

Using VSG you can create volume sections for tanks and other compartments very easily.

The history of HYPET Data AS

HYPET Data AS was born 1.1.1998 to continue the work started by KHR-Data in 1983. Our intention was to make an easy-to-use stability loading computer system.

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