Hull definition


Consists of the following programs today:
H100w - Hull definition w/calculations
H600w - Loading calculator
H601w - Container program
H700w - Heeling test report
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Clip from H100w - Hull definition (download)
Clip from H600w - Loading calculator (download)
Brochure for H600w (download)

H100w - Hull definition w/calculations

H100w provide simple hull definition. 4 volume section generators can be used. When you define the geometry of the vessel, you can study the hullform and defined compartments by clicking on the icons 3D or 2.5D. All definitions for cargo holds that should be filled with grain have to be included in the tank definition window. Calculation of Hydrostatic and KY-Values are to be carried out for the documentation in the stability documents and are the basis for the calculation of KG limit curves. The program calculates, and plots report for tonnage acc. to the 1969 Convention.

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