Heeling test report


Consists of the following programs today:
H100w - Hull definition w/calculations
H600w - Loading calculator
H601w - Container program
H700w - Heeling test report
Screenshots and brochures can be found at Downloads

2006-2010 - Many new routines and features

You can import ship geometry from 3D-DXF. Improved methods for input and calculation of Max. VCG requirements, towing and wind routines, heeling test report.

2005 - Probabilistic calculation and heeling report

First part of probabilistic calculation included. At the end of 2005 we finished the new heeling test report. H600w gives the perfect ability to check stability and strength issues

Free Downloads

Download these brochures and clips for free to get a closer look at our software.
(files are in PDF)
Clip from H100w - Hull definition (download)
Clip from H600w - Loading calculator (download)
Brochure for H600w (download)

H700w - Heeling test report

Heeling test report
H700w gives you the possibility to calculate an inclining test for vessels that are already defined in HYPET, but you can also calculate the lightship particulars of not defined vessels (As long as you have the hydrostatic tables). The input is very easy to use and at the end you get a perfect report. If you use this program for one ship you will use it for every vessel. Take a look at HYPET’s latest heeling test report.
See Downloads for more detailed information.

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