The history of HYPET Data AS

HYPET Data AS was "born" 1.1.1998 to continue the work started by KHR-Data in 1983, or more correct about 1980 (when the first program of the HYPET-Series was written). Our intention was to make an easy-to-use stability loading computer system.
HYPET-Series was approved by The Norwegian Directorate of Shipping in 1984 for intact stability and tonnage (1969-convention) calculation. In 1991 HYPET was also approved for DAMAGE stability calculations.
For more than 30 years many consultants, shipyards, schools, Universities and naval schools have used HYPET for stability and tonnage calculation for many 1000 ships. When using HYPET, you can easily define any kind of ship like mono-hull (1-hull), catamaran (2-hull) or if you like, a 15-hull ship.

In HYPET you can make calculations for Grain, Wind, Towing, Launching, Docking, Waterline, Bulkhead, Draft, Condition, etc. HYPET's loading calculator, H600w, has been used for years and was also approved by Det Norske Veritas in 1995, certificate No. A-5333. The loading calculator handled both intact and damaged ship calculation. Here are some vessels that use HYPET's loading calculator H600w: Nyholm, Nyheron, Strilberg, Hanne Christine, Broa, With Junior, Soldrott, Viking Fighter, Nordic Frost, Sanco Bravo, Green Bergen, GeoSea, Brimil ...
PERHAPS your ship has been calculated using HYPET? If yes, we can offer you a reduced price for placing a loading calculator onboard.