Help and support from us by using TeamViewer

If you need HELP after working with the problem and searching inside HELP-files, we have the opportunity to assist you by taking remote control of your PC, while you are watching what we do. You will see everything we are doing on your screen and will be able to interrupt the process at any time. HYPET Data AS use the paid version of the remote control software, TeamViewer, but HYPET users just need to download the free version of the program by clicking on this link:

When you have opened the file you will see something like this except the text will show an actual ID and Password.


About Password These characters are unique for each connection. To be sure: Next connection need new password.
This is an offer to all HYPET customers with a maintenance agreement.
About maintenance agreement The current agreement is intended as a quick help for all HYPET users within a natural time frame during the year. This assistance shall in no way replace a HYPET course that is absolutely necessary to operate HYPET. If desired, HELP can be ordered using TeamViewer at the appointed minute rate.