Free Downloads

Download these brochures and clips for free to get a closer look at our software.
(files are in PDF)
Clip from H100w - Hull definition (download)
Clip from H600w - Loading calculator (download)
Brochure for H600w (download)

Clip from H601w - Container program (download)
Brochure for H601w (download)

Clip from H700w - Heeling test report (download)
The brochures are 1 page each.
Clip-documents can be big and contains many pages with mainly screenshots and some explanations of each program.
Please be patient while downloading!

Downloading using password

Downloading using FTP
Earlier you could download files directly from the web-page using password. This is not possible anymore, now we are using FTP instead.

From now on, you need to have a username and password provided by HYPET Data AS for downloading. When you log into your FTP-account you will have access to your private documents, programs etc, and a common folder which every user have access to. 
To log into an FTP account you can Either use your web-browser, or you can use an FTP-client. 
Here is an example of a free FTP-client:
Coffeecup ftp client
If you have any questions, click on the contact link and fill the form, or send us an email.