2012 --> New additions

CLAIMS - new additions
Many more possibilities has been added to let user hadled near every needs for claim's specifications, depending of users fantasy!
To add/create tables used for interpolation:
Now user can easy add tables to be used inside claims for interpolation. 
To find wanted interpolated value from table, user must use function GetTabValue(TabID, any_expression1, any_expression2)

A = GetTabValue('TabID1', 4.0, 0.2)   [find Table value for Y=4 and X=0.2] 
A = GetTabValue('TabID1', (DraftAft+DraftFore)/2, DraftAft-DraftFore)   [find Table value for actual MeanDraft and Trim]
A = GetTabValue('TabID1', UserVar1, UserVar2)   [A will then hold interpolated Table value for actual UserVar1 and UserVar2]
A = GetTabValue('GMTABLE', 5.13, 0.2)   [A will then hold interpolated value for Min.GM from table GMTABLE for Mean draft=5.13m and for Trim=0.2m

Special functions & programming.
How to calculate the INTERSECTION POINT between 2 functions:
A = GetCutPoint(0,3, 'X', 'SIN(X)', '0.2*X+0.1')
Here 'X' is name of variable which will be changed from 0 to 3.
A is the X-value for intersection point between function 'SIN(X)' and function '0.2*X+0.1'
Remember: This function has no any connection to Angle, and you can use any functions 
How to calculate the AREA in (m*r) below function curve:  '1.0*WLO*COS(X)^1.3':
FArea  = GetCurveArea(Qf1*d2r, Qf2*d2r, 'X', '1.0*WLO*COS(X)^1.3')
d2r is an internal HYPET function, converting from degrees to radians like PI/180.
How to calculate GZ-value for given Angle for any Displacement, LCG, VCG, TCG, DamageNo:
GetAnyGZValue(Angle, Displacement, LCG, VCG, TCG, DamageNo)

How to PLOT function together with GZ-curve:
a = AddGraphic(XFrom, XTo, 'XName', 'GraphName', GraphColor, 'Function')

How to input correct COLOR using hexadecimal .
Now you can create own functions, for example like F(x)='0.5*GetGZValue(Min(60,FloodAngle3)*COS(x*d2r)^1.3'
And the expert can do some programming himself - if he like :)
Special Condition Calculation do as follow:
While heeling to calculate the GZ-curve, new calculation use REAL LCG, VCG, TCG and IT each used tank. Calculation like this can create a "better" or "worse" GZ-curve, depending of tank filling and used IT values. But if many tanks are filled 98%, new calculation will create a "better" or "higher" GZ-curve. If tanks are filled 50%, then GZ-curve will be "worse" or "lower" using new calculation. This because the gravity point for tank also will move towards side and upward.