2011 - Graphical crane routine, volume section generators

Graphical crane routine
In H600w a new graphical crane routine has been prepared for four different types of cranes. The consultant can determine by defining two corners of a rectangle that the crane can move in a defined area. This is intended to be used for vessels where an excavator is placed onboard for loading and unloading. If these corners are defined at the same point, it means that the crane is stationary. A new "Grain booklet" is now available and can be used as "Grain - Notes to the master." This report explains, step by step, how a grain loading condition can be calculated independently by the master of the vessel.  .
Two new Volume Section (VS) generators in H100w
The first is the powerful extension of the functionality of the existing VS generator. The second is a new generator to define VS between two horizontal or vertical surfaces. These surfaces can have different numbers of points and can be imported from an AutoCAD file. Connections between points for each surface must be given, but the program suggests these in place. The height of BASIS (horizontal plane) and distance from CL (vertical plane) to these two surfaces can be given in meters directly or as a mathematical expression. In addition we can refer to an already defined 3d line. This makes the generator a very applicable tool for definition of VS. Even if the generator has a big amount of definition possibilities and functions, this tool is very easy to handle for the user.