2006-2010 - Many new routines and features

New routines and features
From 2006-2010 many new routines and features have been included in HYPET - especially from 2008-2010!
Now you can import ship geometry from a 3D-DXF file. Mark all ship sections, press Copy, and then Paste. Then all ship sections will be inside HYPET ship database. New crane calculation and graphic input has been implemented to allow the crew to handle crane operations. The user can move a crane changing horizontal angle for main crane and vertical angle for each crane arm. Improved methods for input and calculation of Max. VCG requirements have been included. Graphic Tank presentation for input and control have been implemented. View damaged tanks in condition presentation. Improved towing and wind routines are now available. New and improved heeling test report H700w. New Volume Section Generator codes have been implemented to let input for any tank be very easy for the user. Improved Round Volume Generator. New and very easy to use routine for "Water on deck"-Calculation has been programmed and implemented. New routine for "Water into ship" was created. GZ-curve will use one geometry up to flood angle for some rooms. Then from this flood angel, GZ-curve will use new geometry without these rooms. You will see a GZ-curve stepping down at flood angle from one geometry to another. Deadweight scale. Select a docking condition and print. Now you can also use frame spacing like A-B-C-D-E etc between frames. Now you can select a condition and print "Notes to the Master" for this condition, showing step by step how this condition can be calculated manually. This routine is very helpful and you can print the report in English, Norwegian, Danish, German and Spanish. Inside HYPET you can now define any variables and expressions the user needs to be able to handle any thinkable Max.VCG requirement. These variables can also include internal variables and take any data from the ship database. Only your fantasy will limit the possibilities. A new routine to calculate max legal force, from horizontal(along waterline) to vertical direction, for anchor handling/towing ships.