2005 - Probabilistic calculation and heeling report

Probabilistic calculation
The first part of probabilistic calculation was now included. After more than one year of work, we have included probabilistic damage calculation for cargo vessels into HYPET. The program works like "walking" around the ship and make different damage combinations, depending of given damage length, height for damage and depth for damage. The obtained subdivision index will be calculated for each damage combination. If sum obtained subdivision index will be greater than the required subdivision index the regulation is fulfilled. 
Finished heeling report
At the end of this year we finished our work with the new heeling report, H700w. In HYPET we also have included calculation for length "L" and calculation for the block coefficient Cb.
This year we delivered several loading calculators, H600w, onboard cargo vessels, especially for GRAIN loading. This program gives the crew a perfect ability to check stability and strength issues and we hope many ship owners will decide to choose HYPET H600w as their loading instrument.