2004 - Grain calculations and reporting routine

Grain calculations inside HYPET
In 2004 we finished GRAIN calculation in a new and excellent way. Now it is very easy to make any grain calculations inside HYPET. Easy for all, consultants and for the master onboard using the loading calculator. In the loading calculator, you can select between three different methods for loading filled room and two different methods for partly filled room. If you have made 50 different loading conditions and want to change or test another method, then the program will fix this in seconds.
Reporting routine
A new reporting routine has been added to let users be able to include additional pages. At the end of this year the ship database dShip.tps will be used in both H100w and H600w, and all tanks will be generated inside H600w using geometry data. Comprehensive rebuilding work has been done for this. From 1.1.2005 the GZ-curve inside H600w will always show both sides SB and PS. Most important is the traffic light inside H600w will show a red or green light and allows a very fast check of the loading condition. In case you see a red light, check carefully which stability criteria has not been fulfilled. From this day on you are not able to define loading conditions that do not comply with the defined stability limits.